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Antique Quilt

NothingButQuilts provides antique quilts and other vintage quilted products made available in this page. We offer here collector's items of several quilt products like vintage table quilts, patchworks, complete set of beddings, hand-quilted pillow cases way back the 1930's or even older than that.

Aside from those quilted products, we also offer here vintage quilting rack stands, quilted wall hangings, candle mats, quilt patterns, a variety of decorative quilted products and other old stuffs related to quilting.

While each item has their own artistic style and elegance, these vintage collection indeed shows how creative and imaginative our old fellows in the early times. The designs and styles of each item is truly a work of art, and can be considered as a masterpiece. The details of each quilted fabric and other vintage items available here even reflects the existence of our earlier generation, in which each of their craft is absolutely a labor of love.

These vintage quilts having been existed up to this very moment shows a sign of its durability tested through time. Although, in everything that we want to stay for a long period of time, bountiful amount of care is very necessary.

And thanks to our dear friends who made it possible for us to have a glance and even a chance to own these fantastic products of our old times.

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If you are an antique collector, someone who gives high credit to old stuffs, or just a person who has a passion for quilts or quilted products, this may be the page you were looking for.

Provided here are a variety of quilts way back our gradma's younger years, or even earlier than that! Just scroll through these products and you may find something you'll love!

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