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Jelly Rolls / Strips

May 22nd, 2009

Jelly Roll

If you are a quilting enthusiast and feel the need to own one or two or more of these charming packs of seemed to be the sweetest candies and oh so yummy bakery confections, then we may have that item to offer!

Oops, before anything else pops up on your mind, we're talking about the jelly rolls here! Yes! NothingButQuilts offers a variety of quilt fabrics in jelly rolls and strips, and if you are interested, take your coffee or tea with you as you go along with browsing our products as it may take you some time to decide out of these charming collections. There are lots of advantages with having these jelly rolls / strips. One obvious thing is that you have lots of options on where to use these 2.5 inches fabric strips and / or squares.

You can use them for your pillow cases, for a blanket or a quilted crib cover for your cuddly cutie babies, a vase mat, a table runner, assorted kinds of quilted wall decors, and lots and lots of ideas you've got that there in your mind.

Just a friendly reminder for you my dear quilter. Every little piece of this fabric may still serve its use for your next quilting and it will not cause you anything if you keep these remnants of cloth with you; and who knows they can be of a great help for your next quilting project?

Good luck on finding your best jelly rolls and good luck to your quilting job!

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If you do not prefer buying the square blocks, patchworks, and other size of pre-cutted quilts, here's another option we'd like to offer. You might be interested at our quilts in jelly rolls and strips. Perfect from beginner to expert quilters, our products give you the design, length, style, and texture you are looking for.

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