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Square Quilts

May 22nd, 2009

Square Quilts

In quilting, as each unit is completed, you need to square them, then those final square blocks will be sewn together. But making a perfect square is quite a hard job to do, and  any imperfections may affect your whole quilt.

In making a perfect square, you might be needing a cutting board and a square ruler in order to get the right dimensions.

But why do it the hard way, when there are already available square fabrics for you!

NothingButQuilts offers you a handful of square blocks with all the kinds of styles, designs and sizes.

As you do your quilting project, these humble squares offers you plenty of possibilities you can make, in terms of formulating unique, attractive, and fascinating designs. And through these square fabrics, a quilter, even the novice ones- with her exceptional imagination, can be able to display these beautiful quilts to their best advantage.

So, to all quilters out there, who are about to start their new quilting project, you may be needing these quilt squares. Take your time to look at our product list, and hopefully you'll find the best fabric suited for your quilting job.

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In this page, aside from the square blocks of fabrics, you can also find here square kits, which are applicable for novice quilters, and to expert quilters as well. Certainly, whatever square quilt you are looking for, you'll find them out here. As this page offers square quilts of different designs, patterns and sizes made available for quilters of all levels. You may also find square quilting kits and other related products above.

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