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Quilting Guides on CDs

May 21st, 2009
Quilt CD

If you are techie person or someone who simply has a computer unit in your home, and still includes quilting as one of your past time habits, then you might be interested with our products.

NothingButQuilts offers a variety of quilting guides, techniques and other quilting knowledge, not made available in CDs. These quilting CDs also includes softwares which can make your quilting a lot easier than you can imagine.

We have here quilt design programs available in CD-ROMS, which has a collection of the most popular quilt designs and variants. There are also tutorial and demo CDs for all quilters having different level of quilting expertise. We also have here quilting design wizards which are suited for beginners to make their quilting such a fun and sweat-free activity. We also have here quilt pattern CDs where you can see hundreds of quilt patterns ready for printing and use.

Aside from those, our shop also offers quilting guides CDs both for hand and machine quilting. In addition, there are also several products you can find in this page that contains collection of quilting books compiled and made available in CDs (ebooks).

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Available here are a vast of other options you can choose to on learning how to quilts with provided tutorials, demos, and the like.

The products above offers you a variety of info about machine quilting, quilting tips, quilting tutorials, ebooks about quilting, quilting software and lots of other quilting stuffs made available on CDs.

Take a look at our products and see if you might need one of them!

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