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Quilting Frames and Hoops

May 22nd, 2009
Quilt Frame For some quilters, especially to those who are just new to quilting, quilting frames may not be necessary for simple and small quilting projects.
But as your quilting expertise is enhanced and developed, you might need our products available below. Through these quilting frames and hoops, you might be able to level up your quilting abilities by investing in bigger and more delicate quilt projects.

Quilting frames are usually four-sided and rectangular in shape. These quilting frames already has stands, since they are quite big and hard to carry. They are more bulky compared to quilting hoops, but they are ideal for making large projects such as bed covers and blankets.

On the other hand, quilting hoops are more handy, although some of them usually are self-supporting as well. They are also very useful in making not-so-small but not-so-big quilting projects, and for obvious reasons, these hoops cannot hold small projects, and frames are better to be used to the large ones.

Both these quilting frames and hoops are a great help for all quilters. Since you do not have to worry about each layers losing in place. Thay are really great support in holding your fabrics together and to get you more concentrated on creating beautiful quilts.

Provided below are a number of quilting frames and hoops for you to choose from. Take a look on each of them and find the item that will perfectly suit to your quilting.

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Our quilting frames and hoops are of different types, materials, sizes, and uses. Among some of them were wooden frames, those that with stands, hand hoop frames, and other varieties for you to choose from.

Cutters / Scissors

May 22nd, 2009

For better quilting, aside from quality fabrics, threads, needles and other necessary stuffs, indeed you cannot go on with your project without the use of cutters and scissors.

In quilting, you have two cutting options: either to use fabric scissors, or a rotary cutter. But either of the two will you use, you have to make sure that they are of good quality and are sharp enough to cut a fabric, or else, they might be ruining the whole project.

If you have your shears with you that you use in sewing and quilting, that you use as well in cutting other materials such as cardboards, plastics, and papers, just make sure that before cutting your fabric, the scissors' edges are clean and sharp enough, so as not to result to sloppy-looking cuts.

You can choose to keep your scissors sharpened, or better yet, buy a new pair exclusively to be used for your quilting projects.

In doing your quilting project, it is a smart choice to buy and use exclusive pair of shears in cutting your fabric. This is because it will enable you to cut your blocks of cloth fast and easy and avoid uneven and not so good looking edges of your fabric.

Fabric scissors performs best in cutting one layer of fabric at a time. But if you choose for a more precise and multiple layers cut simultaneously, you may think of buying a rotary cutter.

Cutting your quilting fabric with the use of a rotary cutter, together with a plastic ruler and cutting mat, is so far the best option for you to have a more précised and error-free cut for your fabrics.

So take a look at our products below and take the opportunity of owning a new pair of scissors and a rotary cutter for your quilting!

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Set of Rotary Cutters:

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To complete your quilting materials, you might need a new quilting shears. Quality scissors and cutters are provided here with vast of designs, sizes, function, and price ranges to choose from.

Quilting Machines

May 22nd, 2009
Quilting Machine

If you are a quilter, but not into hand quilting or is already tired of making quilts manually with your bare hands, then these products may be suited for you.

Also, if you are a homemaker that is inclined into quilting, and want to earn extra for your family, you may think of creating larger projects then selling them maybe to the neighborhood.But how can you come up with many projects in a short period of time? These quilting machines are the answers.

Gone are the days when your quilting machines are as big as your sofa, or can occupy the whole area of your room. But or course, these machines are usually for business purposes and you might not be interested of having those bulky appliance to occupy most of the space in your home. Although some of these traditional machines may still be present to some quiltmakers and producers in your town.

But, with this new generation, there have been several versions of these machines invented as time goes by. Quilting machines became handier nowadays, providing more and more functionalities, and continuously making quilting a more fun and enjoyable activity for quilt lovers.

And so, NothingButQuilts provides a product list of all quilting machines you might need. Depending on your preference, our quilting machines vary in brands, sizes, types, and of course, prices.

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Take a look at our products above and you might be interested to buy one for yourself.
You may also see related products that may caught your interest.


May 22nd, 2009

Indeed, there are tons of threads you can choose from for your quilting! But making a wise decision of selecting and choosing the right thread for your
project often results to a more beautiful, professional-looking quilts.

If you think that choosing the right thread is just a piece of cake, we'll it's your own opinion. The fact is you can choose all the colors you want, just as simple as that. But if you are a quilter who is very particular with choosing the right and most compatible color for your fabrics, then you may relate with what I'm talking about.

Remembering your color wheel, the contrasting and complimentary colors, you can get some ideas from them.

If you are an experienced one in quilting, you can try using threads with colors contrasting with your quilting fabrics. Just make sure that it will have a nice overall effect once your piece is totally done.

But choosing the threads with colors and shades that are nearest to your fabric is, I think, still the best and safest thing to do to maintain a more sophisticated and neat looking quilt.

Also you can never go wrong with choosing a 100% cotton thread, although it may really depend on the fabric that you'll might be using.

If are already experienced into this, then may already have your favorite brand of thread manufacturers. Before you buy your item, you can ask a friend's advice or a word from someone's who is expert about the matter, so you will not need to waste your money.

Aside from the tips above, it is also important that the thread you will be using doesn't break easily and is colorfast to make sure it will not stain the fabric once it is washed.

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So there are just some tips for our dear quilters out there. Check out this page, and we wish you'll find the best suited threads for your quilts!

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