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Pins and Needles

May 22nd, 2009
Pins and Needles

May it hand or machine quilting, the need for a top class quality needle is one of the basics a quilter must have in mind. Although you should also keep some extras with you, in cases you accidentally broke your quilting needle- or else, it may delay your whole quilting routine.

But did you know that aside from the usual sewing needles available today, there are traditional needles especially designed for quilting?

Yes, these needles called "betweens" are most of the time smaller yet thicker and stronger compared to other normal needles that we use. One reason for this is for the needle to be able to move through several layers of fabrics without breaking.

Aside from needles, pins and thimbles are also very much important and serve important roles in your quilting.

Pins like safety pins and the usual ball head pins, are very necessary since they serve as your guide as you create your quilt. Safety pins are the easiest solution to hold your quilt sandwich together. However, if you do not want to use them as they are a bit bulky; you can choose using the usual thin and stainless steel pins to keep your fabric blocks in place together.

In using these pins as your guide, just make sure to use the clean and rust-free ones to avoid leaving stains on your fabric. It is also better to use the finer and thinner pins (yet strong enough) so as to avoid those tiny holes of pin marks which later can be visible and not so enticing to see in your finished quilt project.

Thimbles, on the other hand, go hand in hand with these pins and needles as they protect the quilters' fingers from the pricks of these sharp little fellas.

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Here in NothingButQuilts, we offer a variety of pins and needles suited for your quilting needs. We also offer pin cushions, threaders, and other related stuffs.

If you cannot find your item in this page, you can enter your desired item in our search bar and we hope that you'll find your desired item.

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