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Quilting Frames and Hoops

May 22nd, 2009
Quilt Frame For some quilters, especially to those who are just new to quilting, quilting frames may not be necessary for simple and small quilting projects.
But as your quilting expertise is enhanced and developed, you might need our products available below. Through these quilting frames and hoops, you might be able to level up your quilting abilities by investing in bigger and more delicate quilt projects.

Quilting frames are usually four-sided and rectangular in shape. These quilting frames already has stands, since they are quite big and hard to carry. They are more bulky compared to quilting hoops, but they are ideal for making large projects such as bed covers and blankets.

On the other hand, quilting hoops are more handy, although some of them usually are self-supporting as well. They are also very useful in making not-so-small but not-so-big quilting projects, and for obvious reasons, these hoops cannot hold small projects, and frames are better to be used to the large ones.

Both these quilting frames and hoops are a great help for all quilters. Since you do not have to worry about each layers losing in place. Thay are really great support in holding your fabrics together and to get you more concentrated on creating beautiful quilts.

Provided below are a number of quilting frames and hoops for you to choose from. Take a look on each of them and find the item that will perfectly suit to your quilting.

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Our quilting frames and hoops are of different types, materials, sizes, and uses. Among some of them were wooden frames, those that with stands, hand hoop frames, and other varieties for you to choose from.

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