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May 22nd, 2009

For better quilting, aside from quality fabrics, threads, needles and other necessary stuffs, indeed you cannot go on with your project without the use of cutters and scissors.

In quilting, you have two cutting options: either to use fabric scissors, or a rotary cutter. But either of the two will you use, you have to make sure that they are of good quality and are sharp enough to cut a fabric, or else, they might be ruining the whole project.

If you have your shears with you that you use in sewing and quilting, that you use as well in cutting other materials such as cardboards, plastics, and papers, just make sure that before cutting your fabric, the scissors' edges are clean and sharp enough, so as not to result to sloppy-looking cuts.

You can choose to keep your scissors sharpened, or better yet, buy a new pair exclusively to be used for your quilting projects.

In doing your quilting project, it is a smart choice to buy and use exclusive pair of shears in cutting your fabric. This is because it will enable you to cut your blocks of cloth fast and easy and avoid uneven and not so good looking edges of your fabric.

Fabric scissors performs best in cutting one layer of fabric at a time. But if you choose for a more precise and multiple layers cut simultaneously, you may think of buying a rotary cutter.

Cutting your quilting fabric with the use of a rotary cutter, together with a plastic ruler and cutting mat, is so far the best option for you to have a more précised and error-free cut for your fabrics.

So take a look at our products below and take the opportunity of owning a new pair of scissors and a rotary cutter for your quilting!

Set of Fabric Scissors:

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Set of Rotary Cutters:

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To complete your quilting materials, you might need a new quilting shears. Quality scissors and cutters are provided here with vast of designs, sizes, function, and price ranges to choose from.

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