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Kaleidoscope Quilts

May 22nd, 2009

Kaleidoscope Quilts

Kaleidoscope quilt is one of the old-school's styles in quilting. As its designs were modernized by time, kaleidoscope quilts serves to be one of the most traditional, but yet elegant and artistic way of quilting.

But do you actually know how special these kaleidoscopes are? I mentioned special, because each piece is truly a labor of passion and patient, that's why it is indeed special.

I'm sure most of you, especially to the expert quilters out there, have already done their own unique kaleidoscope quilts. But for the sake of others, I just want to impart some steps and hints on how these masterpieces were created.

But first let us define what a kaleidoscope is. I can truly imagine what it looks like whenever I close my eyes, but I don't know how to best explain this, but I surely believe you'll be able to get what I mean (since you already know how a kaleidoscope looks like).

A kaleidoscope is a tube-shaped device, or a toy, having angled mirrors that create an illusion of constantly changing set of colors, shapes and patterns. And so, relating it to quilting, here we are going to cut the fabric into triangles (8 pieces of them), arrange them like as if they are mirrored, in a circle form, or more proper term is an octagon form. Sew these pieces together, then voila! You have your own unique kaleidoscope quilt!

Easily explained, but not so easily done. Certain amount of patience and accuracy are needed in order to create these quilts.

So, if you want to have one of these works of art, please see our products below as we offer plentiful of kaleidoscope quilts for you.

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There are a lot of quilt designs, patterns, and styles you can choose from. And one of which, is the kaleidoscope quilts. Provided above are our varieties of kaleidoscope patterns, patches, and kits and other related quilted products as well.

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