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May 22nd, 2009

Indeed, there are tons of threads you can choose from for your quilting! But making a wise decision of selecting and choosing the right thread for your
project often results to a more beautiful, professional-looking quilts.

If you think that choosing the right thread is just a piece of cake, we'll it's your own opinion. The fact is you can choose all the colors you want, just as simple as that. But if you are a quilter who is very particular with choosing the right and most compatible color for your fabrics, then you may relate with what I'm talking about.

Remembering your color wheel, the contrasting and complimentary colors, you can get some ideas from them.

If you are an experienced one in quilting, you can try using threads with colors contrasting with your quilting fabrics. Just make sure that it will have a nice overall effect once your piece is totally done.

But choosing the threads with colors and shades that are nearest to your fabric is, I think, still the best and safest thing to do to maintain a more sophisticated and neat looking quilt.

Also you can never go wrong with choosing a 100% cotton thread, although it may really depend on the fabric that you'll might be using.

If are already experienced into this, then may already have your favorite brand of thread manufacturers. Before you buy your item, you can ask a friend's advice or a word from someone's who is expert about the matter, so you will not need to waste your money.

Aside from the tips above, it is also important that the thread you will be using doesn't break easily and is colorfast to make sure it will not stain the fabric once it is washed.

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So there are just some tips for our dear quilters out there. Check out this page, and we wish you'll find the best suited threads for your quilts!

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